Three Huge Tips to Avoid Struggles in Network Marketing

There are three reasons why network marketers struggle: lack of money, lack of marketing experience, lack of leads. All of these problems can be avoided well in advance with proper planning and strategy.

Network marketing is not a get-rich quick scheme. It is called “Net” “Work” marketing for a reason. It is not “Net-hope” marketing or “Net-wish” marketing. Network marketing IS, however, a lottery ticket. YOU have the opportunity to fill in the amount! The more you put into your business, the more you will get out of it, at an exponential rate.

Network marketing is a process which, over time, pays huge dividends to those who plan and persevere. Those with a “whatever it takes, no matter what” attitude will continue reaping benefits for years and decades down the road if they avoid the three following major pitfalls:

-Lack of money

This one is surprisingly simple, although it tends to be the biggest threat to the success of a new network marketer. To explore this topic further in depth, we will compare the network marketing model with the franchise model:

Imagine you want to open a McDonald’s franchise. First, you are going to need $1.2 million cash just to buy the rights to the name. Next, you will need several hundred thousand dollars (if not $1 million plus) to purchase a piece of property to locate, furnish and stock your new McDonald’s.

So, for no less than a few million dollars, you are in business! Do you have access to that kind of cash? If not, good luck borrowing it!

Contrast the franchise model with the standard network marketing model. Most MLM companies offer compensation plans that operate on an “auto-ship” basis, meaning the company’s products are shipped directly to your door once a month. The company charges your account for the amount of product you purchase and your monthly auto-ship obligation is met. You are then able to enjoy the products and be involved in the business opportunity at the same time.

This is the very same thing as a franchise fee, except you are actually receiving products for your fee, instead of just paying corporate big-wigs for the rights to use their name.

Pretend your company’s minimum auto-ship obligation, to maintain full eligibility for commissions and bonuses, is a package containing 100 units or product for $200. (This is simply an illustration and is in no way meant to reflect a particular company’s auto-ship obligation, we are just using round numbers here.)

Assume that you are on a tight budget and $200 is actually more than you can afford to purchase every month. Do not worry! Here is what you do:

You simply find enough people who want to buy your product during the month to pay for your minimum auto-ship obligation. Now, your auto-ship obligation is not costing you anything!

This is known as a “funded proposal,” which simply means that products you sell every month subsidize the cost of your auto-ship obligation. A main objective in the beginning stage of your business is to find enough customers to achieve this goal, then you are free to build your business to the moon without being personally financially burdened.

With a funded proposal, you are “in the black” quickly and heading in the right direction. Eventually, some of those customers will also choose to become distributors and you have begun to build a solid foundation for a successful business, which can explode into a massive business given the proper time and effort.

“Getting a customer, making a sale… it’s the first skill that changed my life.” -Jim Rohn

-Lack of marketing experience

This network marketing pitfall is also easily avoided with proper training. It is also where most network marketing companies fail their distributors, by not offering the proper training to each individual which allows them to build a profitable business.

The best network marketing companies have a system which allows all distributors to plug themselves in to a number of outlets which will help them grow their businesses without having to know everything (or anything, really) right out of the gate. Whether it be webinars, conference calls, sizzle calls… the list goes on and on.

The new distributor must be able to develop presentation skills over time by witnessing leaders present. This could take a considerable amount of time for some. Some may choose to never present, and that is fine, too.

The important thing to understand is that if the candidate ultimately gets involved in the business opportunity, there is a 99% chance that they will expose their candidates the EXACT same way that their sponsor exposed them to the opportunity. If that person is introduced to the opportunity improperly, they will set forth a cycle of improper introduction that will inevitably be nearly impossible to contain.

Do not let that horse out of the barn!

Even if you a rock star salesperson, resist the temptation to sell your candidate into your business opportunity. If you do, then they will feel they must also be a rock star salesperson to follow in your footsteps. In order for your business to grow optimally, you must plug into a system.

A unified network marketing system allows a new distributor to simply be an initial purveyor of information (a dog with a note is his mouth would be perfect) which leads the candidate to a time and place where they are able to see the opportunity for all that it is, from a leader in the company who has a firm grasp on all aspects of the opportunity.

Guess what? McDonald’s does the very same thing! One must graduate McDonald’s University in order to open a McDonald’s restaurant. After all, if there is one thing McDonald’s customers have come to expect is consistency. McDonald’s customers receive the exact same thing every time they order, whether it is in Atlanta or Walla Walla.

A network marketing system must be set up with ease of duplication as the key mission. Anyone can deliver a simple message to invite someone to review their network marketing opportunity. Napolean Dynamite could succeed in network marketing, if he was plugged in to a the proper system.

Few distributors, however, can resist the temptation to answer every question the candidate has about the opportunity, especially if the distributor is new.

If you take one thing from this lesson, let this be it: do not throw up your business opportunity all over your candidate. Less is more. Every question a person answers about their business opportunity lessens the chance their candidate ultimately joins them in the business by 25%. Answer two or more of your candidate’s questions and you have pretty much killed it.

Allow leaders to do the presenting. It is the difference between success and failure.

-Lack of leads

Now we have arrived at the most difficult hurdle for network marketers to overcome: the point where they have built and exhausted their candidate list, and everyone on the list has been exposed to their business. Now what? Do you join a new social club, or find new friends? Do you stroll the malls and shopping centers hoping to see someone you know who you have forgotten to put on your list?

Your answer? The Internet. The reach of the internet is global in scope. If you want to build a massive business then your business needs to reach the masses, not just the people you know in your neighborhood, community, city, state and country.

The world population estimate is 6,815,300,610 people. That is almost 7 billion people! How many of those people would jump at the chance to learn more about your opportunity?

How do you expose people to your opportunity without spending a bazillion dollars?

The guys over at [] are giving away a free DVD to explain their fully customizable, automated attraction marketing system designed to develop an endless stream of leads for your business for pennies a day, with a risk free money-back guarantee.

Their system will function beautifully to develop organic leads in any sales industry (not just network marketing): real estate, insurance… virtually any business that wishes to develop a customer base where the customer approaches the seller.

Lack of money, lack of experience, lack of leads. Avoid these three struggles and you are destined to succeed in tomorrow’s gold rush: network marketing/direct sales.

For proven strategies to create multiple, predictable income streams, with focus on guidance and cash-flow solutions, visit the author’s blog. Rod Albers is the author of “Mastering the Network Marketing Maze” and “Get Paid For What You’ve Been Doing Since You Were Three Years Old.”

Small Business Internet Marketing to Get Visibility and Traffic to Your Site

Small Business Internet Marketing Evolves – Owning a website these days is a bit different from the early years of the internet in which a simple pay-per-click ad would suffice in terms of marketing. These days, the marketing and traffic generation of your website is quite important if you are expecting success in your site. Small business internet marketing also comprises of several expanded options for marketing and generating traffic to the site, allowing you to have a full internet marketing campaign for your sit. This will ensure a high volume of traffic. When you are promoting your business through your website, you need to stand out and do the things others simply don’t know how to do them right.

Small business internet marketing now consists of several elements and avenues to which you can pursue such as:

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Pay-per-click advertisement
Social network marketing
Articles, blogs, forums
There really is no limit to the heights you can get to with your small business internet marketing these days, since there are now several ways you can communicate directly with your target consumers. As your website is presented, you want to begin directing the traffic right in, which involves using the most appropriate means of targeting your consumers and bringing them in with trust and integrity.

Search engine optimization will likely be your first step to small business internet marketing measures, beginning with preparing your site for maximum visibility. Your site needs to be indexed by the main search engines, which means optimizing the site and registering with the most popular search engines.

The 3 most important search engines are:

Bing (MSN)
This should be the first step with your small business internet marketing efforts to really prepare your site to be found easily when your key terms or related phrases are searched by your target audience. So at this point you are not only targeting these consumers, but these search engines as well. To get a high ranking in one or more of the major search engines is one key element to get free traffic which leads to more customers/sales.

Using pay-per-click, or PPC, ads for generating traffic is another step to be taken in small business internet marketing. You can use host sites to market your ads, paying them a few cents per click of the ad. There are other paid marketing measures such as paid placement and inclusion that can be taken in order to guarantee placement in search engine results pages or in host sites. Each time these host sites have a visitor, they are able to see your ad and click it to be directed to your site.

One of the most successful means of small business internet marketing is social network marketing which can be done on many sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as Twitter and MySpace. These sites allow you to actually communicate with your target consumers, obtaining feedback and building your lists for your marketing. This is also achieved through blogging, forums, and articles in which you can provide your target consumers with the advice, solutions, and answers they are looking for in order to build a trusting relationship. You will find that all these methods can highly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your small business internet marketing.

Darren Brunson invites you to discover new ways of making the most out of your business by utilizing the power of the internet.

Why Do Network Marketers Fail to Tell You About These 3 Keys to Success?

As business models go, Network Marketing is as viable as you will find. The promise of riches has lured many would be millionaires out of their normal day to day existence and 9-5 jobs. That same promise of riches and fame has also doomed many to failure.Statistics continue to prove that nearly 97% of all network marketers fail miserably. Not surprisingly, these facts are rarely discussed during any network marketing sales presentations. Not only that but you will rarely if ever hear one who is successful in network marketing share how long they struggled before they found any success.Truth is, most successful network marketers don’t reach any real level of success until their third or fourth try with different network marketing opportunities. Essential to the success of any network marketer is and will be an ongoing emphasis in the development of several key areas, an understanding of marketing, psychology and personal development.Let us take a look at what Wikipedia defines as Network Marketing and then look further at why so many people fail and how to avoid the same fate.Wikipedia definition:
Multi-level marketing (MLM), (also called network marketing, direct selling, and referral marketing,) is a term that describes a marketing structure used by some companies as part of their overall marketing strategy. The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters they introduce to the company, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.Now as we dive further into the focus on our 3 key areas of development, the first one literally jumps out of the description of the plan itself and that is, marketing. As the name implies network marketing is going to involve on many levels a need to understand at the bare minimum principles involved in marketing people and or products. Without having an understanding in marketing principles how can one expect to succeed in a marketing business opportunity?We are not suggesting that in order to succeed that you must have a degree in marketing but, the successful marketer understands the basics and builds upon that understanding.Second is a working knowledge of the psychology of sales, networking and marketing as they relate to moving people to make buying decisions. Perhaps more than any other business model a person’s success is tied directly to moving people to purchase products as well as join business opportunities. Remember from the Wikipedia definition: The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters they introduce to the company, creating a downline of distributors… You are put in the position of persuading people to join your business opportunity and in many cases to buy your products and services. Knowing the psychology of people and the psychology of persuasion is essential on ones continued success.Lastly is the area of Personal Development which simply put is the pursuit to better one- self. Perhaps you have a fear of public speaking, then moving beyond this fear and becoming someone who can effectively speak in group settings and crowds could perhaps show you as a leader in high demand. Many successful Network Marketers also pursue developing their knowledge of copywriting which increases their effectiveness as it relates to advertising.The area of Personal Development is also the most compelling because it challenges in many cases to step outside of our comfort zones. Many people who have joined Network Marketing business opportunities have never really tasted business success and the possibility of financial freedom attracts them. The fact that many have never been successful is reason enough to emphasize personal development. Why? Simply put, if you don’t know success you may not be able to handle success.In many cases, we have to see ourselves as successful before the success even arrives. But know this for sure, that your success will ultimately be founded on hard work and determination as the great Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve missed over 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot… and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”