SMS Marketing And The 20-80 Rule

SMS marketing is definitely the most personal and effective method of direct marketing. I have asked myself recently why small businesses are in particular not keen to take advantage of this awesome marketing mix. Now that I think about it, for most people the problem is not the why but the how. The potential of SMS marketing can be fully realized without costing your small business company arm and a leg. In business we talk about 20 to 80 rule where there is 20 % of the things you can do to obtain 80% percent of the results. Below are the examples of how a small company can utilize 20% of its resources to get 80% of the results through SMS marketing to its customers.

Here to the 20 % you can do

1. Sponsor a SCHOOL:- You can sponsor a school where your target market resides by paying for the SMS sent by the schools to parents and add your own advertising tags.

2. Sponsor an NGO: You can sponsor an NGO where your target market resides by paying for the SMS sent by the NGO to concerned stakeholders and add your own advertising tags.

Here to the 80% Benefits

1. SMS Marketing Enables a truly personalised communication with customers. How often do you get that these days?

2. Shorten your time to market considerably. SMS will get to your customers in time( Well unless its Christmas day or New Years Day) .Instant info at your customers fingertips.

3. Allows the transmission of time-sensitive information. You may, for example, wish to reach your customers just before lunch hour (if you have a restaurant) and you want to promote daily specials particularly on slow days of the week.

4. Ensures SMS message delivery corresponds to your business marketing efforts through scheduling of your messages.

5. Guarantees that your marketing messages are always welcome. Your marketing is tied to a good cause. The goodwill value gain for your brand is immensely enhanced. This greatly increases Return on Investment and provides the foundation for a successful campaign.

6.SMS Marketing enables you to effectively target both new and existing through a variety of specials, coupons and other offers. This improves your bottom line!

7. SMS marketing is targeted marketing on steroids. SMS messaging has been estimated to be 10 times more effective than newspaper advertising and 5 times more effective than direct mail. Print media and direct mail, ads that are not targeted are largely disregarded.

8. SMS is cool. Well not the best of points but nevertheless SMS messaging breaths new life into your existing print advertising and/or direct mail campaigns! By simply placing your KEYWORD in your existing ads (TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINES, DIRECT MAIL, BILLBOARDS) you add a level of interactivity that will be sure to attract new customers and capture market share.

For the greenies SMS marketing helps save the environment as we no longer need countless rims of papers we never read anyway. By transitioning to SMS marketing, you will be saving the world while actually helping your company!