What Are the Most Productive Online Marketing Techniques?

The internet is a highly dynamic, innovative and feature-laden medium that is periodically re-writing the rules and pushing the limits to create technologically superior marketing channels that are focused, result driven and integrated. Online marketing has broadened its horizons to encompass a number of tools that connect to the target audience in a professional, interactive and customized manner.

Use the powerful Web 2.0 marketing tool to promote your venture via the social media network that has made an extremely positive indentation in real time customer interaction and engaging the target market with constant sharing of information, analysis, opinion and perspectives. YouTube, flickr, Technorati, weblogs, news and video feeds are all potent tools for getting your message across in a polished, credible, personal and informal fashion.
Personalization of the message and increased interactivity along with the power of the customer to mould the message is the sheer benefit of Web 2.0 over other marketing avenues.

Take advantage of cutting-edge email marketing. Know how to direct mails to your focused group and elicit instant response. Learn about the potential of newsletters and informational mails. There are a host of software like mass mailers and auto responders that will help you build a robust network of customers and prospects. Get an exhaustive mailing list that is updated regularly to divert the right market segment to your enterprise.

Affiliate marketing is another cogent tool to get your online business soaring. Learn about the best cross marketing programs that offer optimum results through increased exposure with celebrated names. Get lead generation and clicks to your website via banners, text links, graphic icons or other customized links. The best part of an affiliate marketing program is you only pay your affiliates when you get leads or generate sales through them on a pay per click or sale basis. You can advertise on search engines like Google and Yahoo who through their focused and sharp advertising plans will ensure that your ads are placed on the most relevant web pages that are accessed by your target audience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is strategically compiling your content using the most relevant and concentrated keywords to improve your search engine rankings. Learn how to have your website feature on the topmost position while powering your site with the most focused keywords that customers search for on premier search engines. There are other multiple marketing channels that can be tailor-made to suit your business requirements.

Three Huge Tips to Avoid Struggles in Network Marketing

There are three reasons why network marketers struggle: lack of money, lack of marketing experience, lack of leads. All of these problems can be avoided well in advance with proper planning and strategy.

Network marketing is not a get-rich quick scheme. It is called “Net” “Work” marketing for a reason. It is not “Net-hope” marketing or “Net-wish” marketing. Network marketing IS, however, a lottery ticket. YOU have the opportunity to fill in the amount! The more you put into your business, the more you will get out of it, at an exponential rate.

Network marketing is a process which, over time, pays huge dividends to those who plan and persevere. Those with a “whatever it takes, no matter what” attitude will continue reaping benefits for years and decades down the road if they avoid the three following major pitfalls:

-Lack of money

This one is surprisingly simple, although it tends to be the biggest threat to the success of a new network marketer. To explore this topic further in depth, we will compare the network marketing model with the franchise model:

Imagine you want to open a McDonald’s franchise. First, you are going to need $1.2 million cash just to buy the rights to the name. Next, you will need several hundred thousand dollars (if not $1 million plus) to purchase a piece of property to locate, furnish and stock your new McDonald’s.

So, for no less than a few million dollars, you are in business! Do you have access to that kind of cash? If not, good luck borrowing it!

Contrast the franchise model with the standard network marketing model. Most MLM companies offer compensation plans that operate on an “auto-ship” basis, meaning the company’s products are shipped directly to your door once a month. The company charges your account for the amount of product you purchase and your monthly auto-ship obligation is met. You are then able to enjoy the products and be involved in the business opportunity at the same time.

This is the very same thing as a franchise fee, except you are actually receiving products for your fee, instead of just paying corporate big-wigs for the rights to use their name.

Pretend your company’s minimum auto-ship obligation, to maintain full eligibility for commissions and bonuses, is a package containing 100 units or product for $200. (This is simply an illustration and is in no way meant to reflect a particular company’s auto-ship obligation, we are just using round numbers here.)

Assume that you are on a tight budget and $200 is actually more than you can afford to purchase every month. Do not worry! Here is what you do:

You simply find enough people who want to buy your product during the month to pay for your minimum auto-ship obligation. Now, your auto-ship obligation is not costing you anything!

This is known as a “funded proposal,” which simply means that products you sell every month subsidize the cost of your auto-ship obligation. A main objective in the beginning stage of your business is to find enough customers to achieve this goal, then you are free to build your business to the moon without being personally financially burdened.

With a funded proposal, you are “in the black” quickly and heading in the right direction. Eventually, some of those customers will also choose to become distributors and you have begun to build a solid foundation for a successful business, which can explode into a massive business given the proper time and effort.

“Getting a customer, making a sale… it’s the first skill that changed my life.” -Jim Rohn

-Lack of marketing experience

This network marketing pitfall is also easily avoided with proper training. It is also where most network marketing companies fail their distributors, by not offering the proper training to each individual which allows them to build a profitable business.

The best network marketing companies have a system which allows all distributors to plug themselves in to a number of outlets which will help them grow their businesses without having to know everything (or anything, really) right out of the gate. Whether it be webinars, conference calls, sizzle calls… the list goes on and on.

The new distributor must be able to develop presentation skills over time by witnessing leaders present. This could take a considerable amount of time for some. Some may choose to never present, and that is fine, too.

The important thing to understand is that if the candidate ultimately gets involved in the business opportunity, there is a 99% chance that they will expose their candidates the EXACT same way that their sponsor exposed them to the opportunity. If that person is introduced to the opportunity improperly, they will set forth a cycle of improper introduction that will inevitably be nearly impossible to contain.

Do not let that horse out of the barn!

Even if you a rock star salesperson, resist the temptation to sell your candidate into your business opportunity. If you do, then they will feel they must also be a rock star salesperson to follow in your footsteps. In order for your business to grow optimally, you must plug into a system.

A unified network marketing system allows a new distributor to simply be an initial purveyor of information (a dog with a note is his mouth would be perfect) which leads the candidate to a time and place where they are able to see the opportunity for all that it is, from a leader in the company who has a firm grasp on all aspects of the opportunity.

Guess what? McDonald’s does the very same thing! One must graduate McDonald’s University in order to open a McDonald’s restaurant. After all, if there is one thing McDonald’s customers have come to expect is consistency. McDonald’s customers receive the exact same thing every time they order, whether it is in Atlanta or Walla Walla.

A network marketing system must be set up with ease of duplication as the key mission. Anyone can deliver a simple message to invite someone to review their network marketing opportunity. Napolean Dynamite could succeed in network marketing, if he was plugged in to a the proper system.

Few distributors, however, can resist the temptation to answer every question the candidate has about the opportunity, especially if the distributor is new.

If you take one thing from this lesson, let this be it: do not throw up your business opportunity all over your candidate. Less is more. Every question a person answers about their business opportunity lessens the chance their candidate ultimately joins them in the business by 25%. Answer two or more of your candidate’s questions and you have pretty much killed it.

Allow leaders to do the presenting. It is the difference between success and failure.

-Lack of leads

Now we have arrived at the most difficult hurdle for network marketers to overcome: the point where they have built and exhausted their candidate list, and everyone on the list has been exposed to their business. Now what? Do you join a new social club, or find new friends? Do you stroll the malls and shopping centers hoping to see someone you know who you have forgotten to put on your list?

Your answer? The Internet. The reach of the internet is global in scope. If you want to build a massive business then your business needs to reach the masses, not just the people you know in your neighborhood, community, city, state and country.

The world population estimate is 6,815,300,610 people. That is almost 7 billion people! How many of those people would jump at the chance to learn more about your opportunity?

How do you expose people to your opportunity without spending a bazillion dollars?

The guys over at [http://www.mlmglobalexplosion.com] are giving away a free DVD to explain their fully customizable, automated attraction marketing system designed to develop an endless stream of leads for your business for pennies a day, with a risk free money-back guarantee.

Their system will function beautifully to develop organic leads in any sales industry (not just network marketing): real estate, insurance… virtually any business that wishes to develop a customer base where the customer approaches the seller.

Lack of money, lack of experience, lack of leads. Avoid these three struggles and you are destined to succeed in tomorrow’s gold rush: network marketing/direct sales.

For proven strategies to create multiple, predictable income streams, with focus on guidance and cash-flow solutions, visit the author’s blog. Rod Albers is the author of “Mastering the Network Marketing Maze” and “Get Paid For What You’ve Been Doing Since You Were Three Years Old.”

Article Marketing – Five Key Reasons to Just Do It

Article marketing is the practice of writing and submitting articles for publication by one or more of the thousands of online article directories that serve as both as publishing platforms and, perhaps more importantly, sources of traffic to your websites. Article marketing has been around for quite a while now (in “Internet years” anyway) and many article writers have been reaping some great rewards from their efforts. And yet, many budding online entrepreneurs and many more well-established offline businesses have never done any article marketing.

There seem to be two reasons for this:

They do not know that it exists in the first place
If they not about it, they do not really grasp its benefits
While not knowing that “this thing” called article marketing exists is an issue whose solution is beyond the scope of this article (and one that really falls in the lap of article directories), not grasping its benefits is a relatively easy issue to address.

The way I see it, there are five key benefits to article marketing:

1. It can help you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche

Article marketing gives you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise and, in the process, build your credibility in the eyes of your target markets.

2. It can help to boost the rankings of the pages to which the backlinks point

Article directories allow you to add quality links to other sites you’re promoting and since links boost a website’s authority – and authority is a key search engine ranking factor – the links you get from article directories can help you climb the search engine ranking “ladder.”

3. It can send traffic directly to your site

Those same links that article directories allow you to place in you resource box or body copy are also sources of direct, highly targeted traffic as interested readers click on the link to learn more about the subject of the article and are taken to the online destination of your choice (additionally, article directories allow for ezine and newsletter publishers to republish your content for their benefit of their readers, which, in turn, provides an additional channel for direct traffic to a site you’re trying to promote).

4. It may be your best/only shot at top search engine rankings

High authority article directories confer some of their authority onto the page an article is published to, which means that they often have a higher probability of achieving a high ranking in the search results than the same content published (originally) to a low authority website.

5. It can help you to extend the “mileage” of your content

While the rules vary, article directories generally allow you to republish content that you originally (and only) published to your blog or website, which actually makes it possible for both your article and your blog post or website page to achieve top rankings in the search results (even though search engines are reputed to discount duplicate content, it seems that they let you get away with some duplicate content – to the point that an article republished to an article directory can actually rank higher than the exact same article published originally as a post on your blog or page on your website).

If you haven’t been bitten by the article marketing bug by this point in this article, then you need to know one more thing: article directories do not charge you for publishing your articles. That’s right: article marketing is free.

So now that you know – for sure – about “this thing” called article marketing and you know about some of its more compelling benefits, it’s time for you to make a commitment and add article marketing to your online marketing toolkit.