Explore Batik and Tie Dye: The Art of Fabric Dyeing

Both techniques involve using natural dyes to colour fabrics with patterns or pictures. Batik products are intricate because they use wax instead of liquid dye to create elaborate designs on the fabric by blocking out areas where the wax does not penetrate, whereas all areas of fabric can be dyed when making tie-dye items. You can find beautiful and very creative ladies clothing online such as batik sarees in Sri Lanka.

Batik and tie-dye clothing are totally hand-crafted artisan clothing designs, and have great appeal because of their unique and intricate designs. They are usually made by small business owners from rural areas, especially women who are empowered by these handcrafting skills. Batik items are made by painting on fabric with wax and dye, but tie-dye is more about using natural materials such as leaves, flowers etc to get the patterned effect for which it has become so well known.

The appeal of both processes lies in their unique textures and intricate patterns resulting from handcrafting methods used to make them. Tie-dye products were first produced nearly 70 years ago when a chemist invented a way to apply colours without bleach or harsh chemicals that would fade after washing. This led to people doing all sorts of experiments with different fabrics and dyes until they found out how best to produce each kind of design on clothing like t-shirts, scarves, dresses, skirts, kaftans, sarees and so much more.

There are many stores and eCommerce sites that sell these beautiful clothing, and when you buy from them, remember that you are also helping to uplift the lives of someone else or even an entire community, and are providing sustainable employment and income-earning methods to many people.

Fabulous Ways to Decorate Your Home with Cushions

Couches, chairs and bedding are three of the most common household items that people decorate with handmade items in Sri Lanka such as cushions.

Cushions can be used as a tool for defining your space. People use them to create partitions, or even to separate spaces from each other entirely. For example, if you have an open floor plan and want people in one area of the room not to disturb those in another part of the home, it’s easy to do with cushions. Other examples include:

Using backless couches against a wall so that they close off that section of the space. If you have just enough room between two walls where there is no furniture placed yet, place pillows on either side to make this happen without adding bulky pieces which will take up too much valuable real estate within your living area. This also provides extra seating wherever needed.
Adding cushions around your living room can also add a lovely splash of colour that will instantly change the appearance of your space and give the room a nice bright and airy feel to it.
If you have a lack of colour in your living room, simply add a few decorative cushions to bring colour and change the mood without taking up any extra floor area or adding bulky furniture pieces that can obstruct walking paths.
In smaller spaces, it’s important to make sure that all areas are functional as well as stylish so consider using pillows around your living room as much as possible.

Online home d├ęcor items such as cushions can serve as additional seating when needed but also provide pops of colour which will keep things from looking too drab and boring over time. If you want an even simpler option for changes within small rooms, try placing colourful throw blankets on top of existing accent chairs or couches.

Small Business Marketing – Postcard Marketing is the Absolute Easiest Way to Increase Your Sales

Postcard marketing is one of my favorite things to do to generate quick interest. Postcards work so well with prospects because the readership is so high. Almost everybody reads a postcard that’s delivered to them. If you can make a postcard valuable and easy-to-read, allowing the reader to take easy action, postcards are extremely effective.

The postcards I do get anywhere from a 3.5 to an 18 percent response rate, which is absolutely unheard of. The reason for our success is simply because our postcards have a single focused goal.

There’s not too much information on the postcard. However, there’s a single focused goal, and I use it to drive people to my website. I also typically offer them some type of free report they can download.

The process is simple. Develop a website, and put up a valuable free report you’ve developed, onto the site. You can then drive people to your site, using the free report as a selling point. By doing this, you’re building tremendous value because you are establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.

But this article is on postcard marketing. And using direct mail to generate leads via the postcard. You must use single focus goes on a postcard. It needs to be quick, easy, and to the point. This type of postcard marketing is the most effective, and it’s even more effective if you can personalize it.

I have found a two-sentence format to be very effective. It’s not the traditional picture postcard you see with some crazy, unrelated graphics. I’ve tested those. They are not nearly as effective as a simple, no graphic, two-sentence format postcard that’s personalized. You also want to use a smaller postcard where the first class postage is still only $0.26.

On the front side of the postcard, you want your company name, address, and the name and address of the receiver. You don’t have anything else. Some postcards have all kinds of stuff on the front such as sales messages. You don’t need to do that.

On the back of the postcard, you want the date at the top right and then, for example, you have two sentences. Your copy could be something as simple as, “Dear Judy, are you open to some different ideas on how to increase sales on a more consistent basis?

Finally, you have your signature at the bottom.

It’s very simple. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of all of the other mail and postcards that they’ve received with the big graphics and detailed copy. However, your postcards will bring them tremendous value.

Direct marketing with postcards is such a great way to drive new sales, activate former customers and get more business from your current customers. Anyone in any company can use postcard marketing to help grow their sales and business. You just need to do it.